Essay Learned Helplessness : The Lack Of Response

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Learned Helplessness

Any animal which has realized it has no control over its own actions after dealing with pain or abuse with no escape for an extended amount of time a person or other animal has learned to be helpless. Through no fault of ones own inescapable punishments encircle ones life and flight from that inevitable punishment soon permeates ones mind resulting in no escape and no way to decipher between good and bad actions and in most cases learning is severely impaired.. They can only await their inevitable punishment, external or internal, through no reason nor fault of their own.

Cases of learned helplessness exhibit the lack of response to a preventable situation. If the chance of an outcome is the same whether or not a given response occurs, then the outcome is independent of the response. When this is true of all voluntary responses, the outcome is said to be uncontrollable for the individual (Seligman, Maier, & Solomon, 1971). On the other hand, if the probability of the outcome when some response is made is different from the probability of the outcome when the response is not made, then the outcome is dependent on that response and that outcome is controllable (Seligman, 1978). This describes learned helplessness as a lack of action taken to preventable events perceived to be unpreventable through prior failures and internal attribution.

Occurrences of learned helplessness take place in individuals who have this idea in their mind that none of their…

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