Leadership Style Of An Organization Essay

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The type of leadership in an organization plays a critical role in determining the level of performance and the productivity of employees. Leadership plays a critical role in shaping the culture and values of an organization. Leaders also influence the actions and thoughts of employees, which have a direct influence on the performance of the organization. One of the most effective leadership styles in influencing the overall performance of an organization is the situational leadership. This leadership style encourages flexibility in management based on the prevailing conditions as a way of achieving good results. The leadership approach also plays an important role in influencing the level of motivation in an organization (Sapru, 2013).
Situational leadership
Situational leadership suggests that leaders should change their behaviors depending on the situation and the willingness of the followers. This leadership style is effective since it applies in every aspect of life including corporate management and government. In corporate management, situational leadership plays a critical role in the determination of the effective culture in the organization. Situational leaders are also the role models in the organization and are able to influence the actions and thoughts of employees. Therefore, situational leaders play a critical role in influencing the productivity and the performance of an organization. Situational leaders inform themselves constantly, of needs…

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