Essay on Leadership Style Of Administrator Administration

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A. Leadership Style of Administrator
Over the past several years we have been an institution directly involved in school improvement. We are still a school of improvement due to the letter grade that we received by the educational outcomes on our benchmark assessments. Due to our institution being a school of improvement, we have had over the past several years two or three different administrators. This has made it difficult to establish any type of consistency in our school leadership style. However, at the beginning of this year we had our vice principal from the previous year become our principal. Thus she assumed the leadership role of our institution this year. She has been a teacher her at our institution for over fifteen years or more before she was our vice principal. The style of leadership in the past has been all over the board in accordance with the four leadership styles mentioned in the Psychological Success and Work Environments article by Seyfarth. These leadership styles are directive leadership, supportive leadership, participative leadership, and achievement oriented leadership.(Seyfarth, 1996) In the past we have had administrators follow the directive leadership style where they would give out expectations to subordinates and expect us to do them without any say or decision making opportunities. This made for a very frustrating environment amongst colleagues and co-workers. Our school had a very difficult time making any type of improvement.…

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