Leadership Development Of The School Environment Essay

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The mentoring process as leadership development in the Leadership for Learning Framework, provides strategies for new principals to gain more knowledge in which experienced principals think and make decisions, while solving cognitive and social development concerns (Newcomb, 2011). Principal leadership is important in promoting schools with shared visions and norms centered on instruction, and accountability for student achievement, while creating rewards and incentives for teachers to improve their practice (Spillane et al., 2004). Leadership in the school environment is a difficult and deeply personal task for any administrator. For many beginning principals this is their first leadership position within a school setting, and therefore; these new leaders need to be nurtured as they face challenges and make hard decisions while on the job (Boerema, 2011). This nurturing process can be viewed as providing support and challenges to the new leaders at the same time. The support can include affirmation of the new leader’s experiences, as well as, challenging these leaders through the introduction of contradictory ideas and questioning assumptions (Boerema, 2011). The most common approach to leadership development is providing training to novice principals in the needed skills affiliated with successful leadership such as, interpersonal communication, team building, coaching, and mentoring.
Another approach to school leadership development is the importance of…

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