Merriram-Weber Management

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Merriam-Webster defines management as:

•the act or skill of controlling and making decisions about a business, department, sports team, etc.

•the people who make decisions about a business, department, sports team, etc.

•the act or process of deciding how to use something.

Merriam-Webster also define leadership as:

•the power or ability to lead other people.

•capacity to lead.

In my opinion, leadership and management, while different, are both necessary qualities of a Regional Manager. To be a successful OLCC Regional Manager a person will need to be both a great manager and a great leader.

I practice management that is flexible and may be different for each person or situation but may change as I receive feedback from those
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They should be the conduit that move information up and down the chain of hierarchy in the agency. This allows the manager to provide information related to decisions to be made above their level, and then to explain these changes/proposed changes to staff. This fosters an environment of inclusivity, trust and acceptance while drawing off the knowledge of staff to make the agency and its employees as successful as possible.

While a manager needs to be a conduit of information and include the thoughts and ideas of staff, the manager also needs to be strong enough to the support the agency line even when they or their staff do not necessarily agree with it. They must see the bigger picture. The manager needs to set a good example while being honest, ethical, and hardworking.

In a government agency, it is more difficult to measure the success of management than it is in many private organizations. In a private companies you can compare output of widgets/hour or widgets/dollars invested. In many cases government agencies are providing a service instead of a tangible item, so we need to look at other indicators of success such as:

•Is the agency meeting the legislative goals?

•Are the agency 's missions/goals and objective being
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My teams always have fun while accomplishing hard work. Many long term friendships have developed out of these teams. My co-workers, managers, and friend encourage me to apply for and take leadership positions in which they will be part of my team or working for me. I have won awards and been told that I do a great job leading and managing people. When I lead a team, projects are completed ahead of schedule, met or exceed expectations, while the team enjoys high morale, and the fact that team members encourage and support me when I apply for and take leadership roles leads me to believe that my management/leadership style is

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