Leadership And Authority : Lord Of The Flies Essay

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A lack of leadership and authority will cause a competition for power. These competitions consist of individuals trying to obtain the power that allows them to influence and direct the actions of others. Those who are seeking power must choose how they will obtain the leadership role and the control that comes with the position. Lord of the Flies explores the struggle for power between characters that use different approaches to gain control. Power was achieved in Lord of the Flies through respect, through persuasion, and through violence.
To begin, power was earned through respect in Lord of the Flies. A leader can earn this type of power when they perform a heroic deed or an act that benefits society. Ralph was able to receive power through respect when he restored the connection between the boys by blowing the conch. The boys were attracted to the idea of Ralph being the chief because “there was a stillness about him as he sat that marked him out: there was his size… [his] attractive appearance and...the conch”(19). The conch, which was a symbol of civilization and order in Lord of the Flies, was in Ralph’s possession which made him an obvious choice for leadership. At the time, Ralph’s experience and qualifications for leadership were not relevant. The boys looked at Ralph for guidance because he was the first character to show leadership qualities through his use of the conch. Ralph managed to save the boys from the depths of the jungle by blowing the conch which was…

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