Lawyers On The Court Of Law Essay

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Nicole Angela Felipe
Period:3 & 5 Row:3 & 4
September 8,2016


Lawyers are people that argue on your behalf on the court of law. Lawyers must provide evidence to prove their client is telling the truth. Lawyers must get witnesses and question the witnesses about their client to get information about what they did, what the client did, and what did the person did to cause the problem. Lawyers should come up with strong strategies and arguments to show the court that their client is innocent or to prove that they have evidence about the speaker being guilty. Lawyers also use methods to help the case and they also ask their co-workers about methods they could use for the case.But lawyers mostly need to know how to communicate with other people like their co-workers and clients so co-workers and clients know that they can trust this lawyer and tell them everything they need to know about the case.

Lawyer’s income hourly is $3,668 to $8,379. Monthly pay is $6,357 to $14,521. The annual pay is $76,300 to $174,280. For the hourly pay it can go higher because different states pay differently because of the employer. Also some lawyers get paid differently from how long they work. But in different states some lawyers get paid differently because of the type case it can go higher or lower but it might depend on how good you on the case and if you succeed. It also depends on which company or firm you work in like the companies might pay you higher and law firm can pay you…

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