Essay on Laughter Is the Best Medicine

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Laughter IS The Best Medicine
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Be Proud. Laugh Out Loud.
Have you laughed lately?
If not, get out of your serious self and loosen up.
Laughter is a powerful tool for combating stress and conflict. It can dissipate anger, sadness and other negative emotions. In addition to making you feel good, laughter can improve your health and make your relationships with others closer and stronger. There are a wide variety of benefits to be gained by making daily laughter a priority.
Many studies have shown that laughter can boost your energy level and reduce stress. These are just a few of the ways that laughter can improve your health: * Laughter is relaxing. A good
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How can laughter help a relationship?
People who incorporate humor and playfulness into their relationships are able to drop some of their inhibitions and defensiveness. This allows them to enjoy more spontaneity and a deeper emotional connection. When laughter and humor are used to defuse conflict, negative emotions like resentment and anger don’t get a chance to build up. In fact, laughter and a shared sense of humor are nothing less than essential for strong and healthy relationships.
Children laugh hundreds of times per day, but as adults we can sometimes go through an entire day without sharing a heartfelt laugh. Maybe you’ve started taking life very seriously as you’ve gotten older, or maybe anxiety and stress have taken their toll on your ability to appreciate humor. Or maybe you grew up in a household where humor and laughter weren’t encouraged. This doesn’t mean that you can’t start now and learn how to make laughter an important part of your life.
Like all of life’s most important skills, humor can be learned and rediscovered. I’m not suggesting that you start to act like a child again, but you can learn something about laughter and humor by setting aside time to develop your playful side.
Here are 10 activities that will help increase your ability to laugh, play and have fun. 1. Smile more often. A smile is the first step

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