Latino Americans And Hispanic Americans Essay

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Hispanic americans today are in a unique position in the United States’ economy. There are many factors that constitute their wellbeing, which is defined as “the state of being healthy, happy, and wealthy” (Xiao, 2015). I think it is important to understand these factors and their effect on this ethnic group as well as the rest of the economy. It is especially significant to know the economic status of Hispanic Americans based on income, as they make up a large portion of the population and working force, and are an important demographic in american politics. Therefore, I pose this question; Compared to the national average, what is the economic status of Hispanic Americans measured by income? This question will be discussed by analyzing the income of Hispanic Americans compared to other populations, their assets, and how Hispanic Americans are doing in terms of improving their economic wellbeing.
Hispanic Americans make far less than the national average income per year. In fact, the median household income of Hispanic Americans is substantially less than average, at $37,000 annually versus $51,400 (Ferdman, 2014). Among the population of Hispanic Americans, 75% is made up of Mexicans and Puerto Ricans, who place towards the bottom of the income charts among this ethnic group. In addition to this, Hispanic Americans make up 16.3% of the total population in the United States, making them the largest minority group in the country, as well as the fastest growing (U.S. Census…

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