Larry Garcia Essay

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Patient- Centered Education Plan
Pascale Comeau
July 29, 2014
Debra Ayer MSN, RN, MBA

This paper will discuss of a case study related to hypertension and the lack of awareness of the disease. Hypertension is a chronic disease. Chronic illness is a condition that last six months. It can be managed but not cure. The CDC stated (2014) “As of 2012, about half of all adults- 117 million people have one or more chronic diseases. Seven of the 10 causes of death in 2010 were chronic disease. Heart disease and cancer together accounted for nearly 48% of all deaths.” The objectives of this case study are to review the history and physical, describe the disease process, and formulate a patient- centered education plan.
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It is important for Larry to have a good understanding of the hypertension disease, symptoms, risks, consequences of non-compliance, and treatment plan. The CDC reported (2012, p1) “Among adults with hypertension in 2009-2010, 81.9% were aware of their hypertension.” Out of the 81.9%, 76.4% were taking medication to lower their blood pressure. Women are more compliant with the treatment of hypertension than men. Also, the CDC stated (2012, p3) “Hispanic adults with hypertension were less likely to take antihypertensive medication (69.6%) compared with non- Hispanic white adults (76.6%) and non- Hispanic black adults (79.7%).” Also, Mr. Garcia knows his mother has high blood pressure but not taking medication. His mother still has a good quality of life. Education is the key to help individual and family manage their health and minimize complications from the disease. It is important to have a good background of the patient to establish an education plan. The involvement of the patient and family with the permission of the patient in the plan of care is necessary for positive outcomes. In addition, continuous feedback and return demonstration are important.

Quality of life The quality of life will change regardless of the decisions to cooperate or not with the care. If Mr. Garcia continues the same path he will be facing the negative outcomes of the hypertension disease. If Mr. Garcia takes control of his health, he will have to change his

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