Language Versus Lies By Deborah Tannen Essay

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Language is a system of words that humans use to communicate and get their message heard. Deborah Tannen, Scott Russel Sanders, and Langston Hughes bring mention that the greatest influence to a person’s perspective is language. In “’Bossy’ Is More Than a Word to Women”, Deborah Tannen recognizes that the word bossy is a common word used to negatively describe women; sending them the message that exercising authority deems them unlikable by various organizations. Conversely, Scott Russel Sanders, in “Language Versus Lies,” admonishes the idea that words, specifically in advertising and politics, have a powerful influence on our lives. In another account, Langston Hughes examines that the word black during the early to mid-1900s was an insulting term particularly used towards black people. Hughes further signifies that using a word in certain contexts can bring up stereotypical assumptions. All three of the authors have one key point in mind: certain terms directed towards distinct people have the ability to derive either negative or positive connotation depending on the social standards of a community or even a whole country. In more ways than one, words can perpetuate negative characteristics. According to Deborah Tannen, a best-selling author and linguistic professor, words can provoke a contrary intention. Tannen uses the word bossy, as an example that frames women into a negative perspective. Tannen continues on to say that famous female figures are continuously…

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