Essay about Language, Language And Culture And Religion

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People around the word should have the ability to talk more than one language. By language I don 't mean like verbal language I also mean body language as well. In School, learning languages is much more than just a way to communicate. In the broader sense of global education, languages are a window into other cultures and worldviews. Learning a second or more languages leads us toward becoming globally competent citizens. Knowing two languages is competitive, while learning the language you also learn the culture and religion. For example, if you learn Spanish or Hindi, you would also learn Spanish cultures and their religion, and if you learn Hindi you will learn their culture and their religion. You should respect the language and the people from other countries and understand their surroundings. You will also be able to socialize with people from other countries and know them and talk fluently in their language. You might be talking to someone from another country that is doing your tax return or something. A company in America that does taxes might be just faxing the persons documents in India or some other country and the person in the other country there is doing all the work. The person that is doing the taxes might have to call the person and stuff and he or she in America might have to talk in their language to make the person in India understand better. In the article, Friedman stated, “or rather my accountant 's accountant, thanks to the explosion in the…

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