Language Is The Soul Of Languages Essay example

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Language is The Soul In general, languages tie everybody together. From the ancient duration, human beings have communicated to each other every day by using different types of languages. For example, the primitive people communicate by paints and pictures with beautifully meaning. As time passed by, the immigrants moved to a new country, they began to speak their own language. Therefore, languages were combined and mixed together. Any language can be encoded into the media using the senses of hearing, sight, touch, or stimulation. When an individual learns a language, he or she has the opportunities to discover and comprehend the new culture of several countries. Through languages, everybody is getting closer to each other although they are various of skin, religion, and appearance. About six or seven thousand languages have been discovered, but languages are divided into three primary types: spoken language, written language, and body language. For the first type, spoken language is one of the most common languages that people use in daily communication. It is the amalgamation of complex and simple sounds when a person speaks or listen to others surround them. Spoken languages are diverse in tone, which depends on a person 's emotion. The voice can be high or low, fast or slow, strong or weak, continuously or intermittently. For example, when a girl talks with the brittle voice, she may seem sad and about to cry. Conversely, when a male adult expresses his feelings by…

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