Essay about Language Is An Important Aspect Of A Child 's Development

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Language is an important aspect of a child’s development. As interactions with the world become more complex, so too does a child’s need for more complex means of engaging with the world. It is a unique attribute of humans that we develop language as a way of communicating. The need for language is emotional, social and cultural. A child negotiates these needs through speaking and writing, listening and reading. Language is initially transmitted orally and with body language. As communication demands become more complex and abstract, language can be seen in written form. Both spoken and written language develops around a standard set of rules, though these rules are diverse in nature due to social influences and cultural practice. Without language, a child would not be able to interact in the world. Language plays important emotional, social and cultural roles in a child’s life.

Language and emotions.

A child uses language to meet emotional needs. Emotional needs are an inherent motivation to develop language skills (Buchan, 2013, p. 79) Emotional expressions begin with simple expressions like crying or screwing up the fists. As children develop language skills in the preschool years,, they begin adding emotional expressions to their conversations (Cole, Armstrong, & Pemberton, 2010, p. 62). As children reach school age, emotional language has widening social imperatives, as it gives children socially acceptable ways to express feelings (Cole et al., 2010,…

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