Language Is A Natural Growth And Not An Instrument Which We Shape For Our Own Purposes

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In order to get more readers interested in the effects the English language has suffered throughout the years, George Orwell, an excellent writer in the writing community, addresses with his personal opinion how the English language has declined due to the political and economic factors. Evidences have shown that Modern English nowadays lacks seriousness; being simple, vague and mostly less emotional than the English used before.
Orwell, in his famous written essay, “Politics and the English Language”, points out that the English Language is in a bad way because we generally assumed there is nothing to do about it. Most of the time language is learned inappropriately since it requires a lot of time and dedication. Whether you want to become a speaker, orator, or a casual writer, to learn a language with good letter-sound correspondence is demanding but not impossible. In the essay, Orwell states that “Language is a natural growth and not an instrument which we shape for our own purposes” In this statement, Orwell shows a belief that our language has to be expressive and mostly shared to a community. Language has the strong power to be express and intensified others to feel the same, as it creates an impact depending entirely on how is expressed. Sometimes words are often said automatically, where at some point it becomes ugly and inaccurate. However, if we speak properly and realize the power language has, our lives will be transformed. We would evolve our ideas and…

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