Language Diversity In Schools Essay

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The critical issues surrounding language diversity in schools today include: Student conformity, the teaching strategies used by teachers, budget cuts, and the lack of support for bilingual/ESL students and ESL programs. With budget cuts in place, it has become more difficult to invest in technology research, learning devices, and staff/teacher training programs that will enhance bilingual/ESL students’ academic performance level. Therefore, causing teachers to have to work with students in their classrooms, which for some students may not be as effective as working with a teacher, who has been professionally trained to assess bilingual/ESL students in the classroom. A prime example of this would be a teacher trying to hold a conversation with another teacher about his/her lesson plans, but the other teacher cannot comprehend why the teacher chose to use the teaching strategies that he/she did.
It’s hard! Teachers and students will not always see eye to eye, when it comes to learning a concept(s). That’s what makes us all different! We learn differently and express ourselves differently. This is why conformity will not work, when it comes to learning in schools. Students can dress alike in uniforms and take the same course load, but no two students learn the same way.
One way that teachers and students can work together
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Another thing that may be considered a critical issue in today’s schools could be parent – teacher rapport. If the teacher and students’ parents have not developed a good rapport, this too may affect language diversity in schools. For instance, a student may not feel comfortable speaking to you, the teacher, because he/she knows that you and his/her mom does not get along very well. If the student can sense this and/or has caused this unfortunate circumstance, it will need to be resolved before learning can take

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