Landscape With Travelers Poem

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Salvator Rosa, 1615-1673, was an Italian artist from Naples well known for his landscape art within the 17th century ( His landscapes often depicted travelers, beggars, peasants, and even bandits in a rough, undomesticated landscape (Allen). One landscape in particular simply named ‘Landscape with Travelers’ painted in 1640 highlights his technique and general story-telling quite well. By using light and shadow he is able to create a message that seemingly need no true narrative as a source of explanation. Rosa used the medium of landscape art to encourage, while simultaneously highlighting, the dangers of travel and the exploration the wilderness (Kosiacka-Beck 266).
The painting itself itself is a 56 ½ x 67 in. landscape oil painting
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The size however of each figure themselves seems to vary highly. This is especially true for the travelers themselves while the beggars by comparison seem much more to scale with the linear perspective given. In particular, the woman riding her horse seems to be the main culprit in terms of being out of scale with the rest of her party. She herself is nearly the same size as her horse, is in the same scale as the beggars in the foreground, and if standing, would seemingly tower above both men to her right and left. If the horse is a mule than the size difference is only made worse as both men are only about a head taller than the mule itself and the woman seems even larger. That being said most of the figures themselves feel grounded and their exertions match the expressiveness of the poses they are in, especially the beggars in the …show more content…
As a whole the colors themselves are quite warm and inviting however there is a clear cooling effect as a result of the deep shadows and chiaroscuro effect used. Reds and yellows from the travelers clothing, baggage, and sheep flock dominate the central diagonal band that runs through the scene but progressively becomes more and more spotted with deeper greens and blues that fade into the right and off screen. Deeper blues and greens also dominate the beggars shade area and the cliff face itself with the only warm colors in those areas coming from the beggar’s skin tone and the small specs of sky peeking out from the tree line on the cliff. Even the little skyline we are given has a balance of both warm and cooling colors. Yellow tinted clouds invite the travelers to progress while nearing the top of the scene in accordance to the dense forest on the cliff blues seem connect back to the shaded overgrowth and darkened entry point of the

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