Essay on Lakota Woman, By Mary Crow

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In Lakota Woman, it tells a story about Mary Crow Dog who faces challenges with the Sioux tribe, and how she has a difficult time with her finding her identity and cultural background as a Sioux woman. Mary Crow Dog struggles with the identity of an Indian woman because of the domestic roles women had to play in the Native American culture. As a woman, Mary did not like how the white society would bring evilness to their Indian culture, and how the women would struggle to find their personal strength and remain loyal to their traditions. The novel discusses the issues that Indians faced with the relationship they have with the white society. The Indians were viewed as savages and didn’t have any human values, the Indians were stripped from their homeland and had to live different ways, and their original ways of hunting were no longer available to the Indians. While living on these reservations, Indians began to lose a sense of their identities, such as customs and ceremonies; and fighting to get their land back. Growing up Mary was forced to go to boarding school, where the Catholics did not want her to have any Indian culture, ethnicity, but instead, they wanted her to be a part of the white man’s world. Mary had so much aggression and fought for herself of whom she was because was attacked by white people. Being forced to go to boarding school made Mary questioning her identity and this lead her to be involved with the American Indian Movement. Mary became…

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