Lake Isle Of Innisfree Poem Analysis

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William Butler Yeats use of pastoral poetry in his poems Lake Isle of Innisfree and Easter 1916 his use of this type descriptive language evokes the reader to imagine a rural Irish life rich in folklore and fairytales. Yeats’ also urges his reader to envision life in the picturesque world, he used this style of writing to bring about a feeling of nationalism but with the preservation of Irish history. In the poem Lake Isle of Innisfree, Yeats uses pastoral imagery to describe the Western Ireland Countryside. “Nine bean rows will I have there, a hive for the honey bee,” (Lake Isle, line 3) is a natural and serene scene that is far removed from an urban dark world. Yeats writes, “live alone in the bee-loud glade.” (Lake Isle, line 4) a place where there is solitude and peace. I believe Yeats wants readers to …show more content…
The “peace comes dropping slow,” (Lake Isle, line 5) a peace in this world that is always there not something that is brief and fleeting. A world where the sun is gives a “purple glow,” (Lake Isle, line 6). In this line he really gives the reader a feeling that is warm and welcoming. It is not a world that is not dead and dark, “the cricket sings,” (Lake Isle, line 6) and an “evening full of linnet’s wings.” (Lake Isle, line 8), there are living things that are alive in this natural world. Furthermore, Yeats uses auditory imagery in line ten, so that his readers experience what it is like to be within this natural idyllic world. Yeats writes, “I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore;” (Lake Isle, line 11), here you can almost hear the sounds of a calm lake whose waves calmly reach the shore. Yeats use of pastoral imagery in The Lake Isle of Innisfree illustrates two worlds the natural world versus a dark, “gray” (Lake Isle, line 12) urban world that is lacking vibrancy and above all Irish

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