Lady Macbeth By William Shakespeare Essay

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Lady Macbeth, Destroyed by Blood
If someone has ever done anything that has made them look back and regret it, they have experienced guilt. Guilt is a powerful emotion. If people do not deal with that emotion they can end up depressed and it can lead to thoughts or actions that can be harmful; however, there are stages people can go through to help deal with those emotions. First there is denial then there is anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. In the play Macbeth, Shakespeare wanted his audience to realize that Lady Macbeth never went through her emotions, which caused problems for her later. Shakespeare uses the symbol of blood to represent the buildup of guilt, which eventually leads to Lady Macbeth’s suicide.
In the beginning of the play, Shakespeare connects the concept of blood and guilt. Lady Macbeth’s famous Unsex me speech sets up this connection when Lady Macbeth asks the spirits to ¨make thick my blood. /Stop up the access and passage to remorse¨ (1.5.33-34). In the Elizabethan time period, people connected the emotions of menstruation to the blood that is expelled from the body, and they believed that it made women more emotional because they menstruated; therefore, when she asks the spirits to make her blood thick, she does not want to have the emotions of a woman so she can do the deed without any remorse, which is guilt. When nature visits a woman she can go through every emotion a person may possibly have which can make her think irrationally;…

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