Essay about Lack Of Communication Between Management And Employees

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A significant issue at Healthco is the lack of communication between management and employees. The managers are not effectively communicating with the clerks, this is shown through Healthco employees being informed of policy rate changes 15 minutes before the offices closed on the day before the rate rise, because of this the clerks lacked the knowledge to inform and answer any questions members had regarding the new policy rates, this caused the members to become aggressive and abusive towards the clerks, moreover causing a decline in members. Additionally, due to there being similar incidences in the past and the decline in membership caused a decrease in employee moral and motivation. This issue carries over and extends to the management style used by Healthco is there inability to listen and adapt. The CEO believes there is only one way to run the company and has never implemented change in his management style, nor does he want to. Employee’s claim that the job has become “more difficult” because they have not been allowed to “introduce change”. Employee’s say that they have been doing it “that way for so long”, and “the CEO can’t see a reason to change.” The lack of employee input and their inability to contribute to the organisation has lead to a decrease in employee moral and several employees leaving the company due to them not being allowed to use their initiative. This style of management resembles Taylor’s Principles of Scientific Management (1914). Frederick…

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