Labors Essay

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While reading All-star Superman you got to see superman, one of the most if not they most well know superhero of all times come to the end of his life. At first it makes you wonder, superman can and has been able to do whatever he wanted his whole life why would he have any finale labors? Then after seeing what those final labors where. The author makes you realize that all Superman has ever really wanted was the things that us non superhero’s take for granted. Before finishing the book we were discussing what our final labors would be in class. I was thinking about all the crazy things I haven’t got to do yet in my life like skydiving and exploring undiscovered areas of the earth. However after finishing reading the book my outlook on my …show more content…
However when tough times come up and you don’t have a family to turn to usually kids turn to the wrong source of help and end up going down the wrong road. And since they don’t have any family to rely on they have no one to pull them off that wrong path they have stumbled down. This is why I feel family is such an important role in everyone’s life and people need to take making one and keeping one a lot more serious than they have been. For my third and finale labor I would like to combine my first too labors to help me with this one. After starting a successful business and settling down with a family I would like to start a sort of shelter program for kids. I don’t want it to be like normal shelters where kids eat and sleep then are back on the streets. I want it to be like a family where they have rules with punishments like normal families. So that kids are raised on the right path and make something of themselves instead of adding to the crime and unemployment rate. I feel if everyone has someone they can turn to for help

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