Essay on Labor Unions And The First National Labor Union

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The United States of America is oftentimes called the land of the free, and well known for the place to go to with nothing to start and become successful. The United States has great working conditions and fair wages compared to other countries, and this is all due to the impacts of the cordwainers who were shoemakers in the 1790’s that started the craft union. In 1792, the cordwainers in Philadelphia gathered and discussed “work issues that include pay, hours, and conditions which are the same issues that are discussed in today’s society” (Nickels, p. 326). The introduction of the Industrial revolution also introduced more problems concerning job security, wages, and working conditions. “Knights of Labor” was the first national labor union formed in 1869, that offered membership to all private working people that promoted social causes, labor and economic issues. Since the beginning of the eighteenth century labor unions have positively impacted the history worker’s conditions and even in today’s society, labor unions have proposed many positive impacts on the community, the economy, and the employees.
Labor unions are employee based organizations that represent the members in an employee management negotiations with the company that concerns job related issues. The effects of labor unions have positively impacted the customers and their communities with the improvements the laws labor unions have successfully lobbied. In this article by S. Deery, he stated that “union…

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