Essay on Labor Union And Labor Unions

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A trade union or better known as a, labor union, is an association of workers fighting to improve safety benchmarks, acquire benefits and higher pay, and gain better working conditions. During the period of 1840s and 1850s, working conditions were suboptimal. Factory owners abused their workers in a variety of ways. Factory owners employed children, severely underpaid their workers, and had no regard for the safety of their workers. Workers sought to create better conditions in the labor market because of the constant abuses of factory owners.
During this time period, laborers fought to attain justice in their employment for social change. They sought to increase wages, improve working conditions, receive better hours and fight tooth and nail for their demands to be met. Workers would go to great lengths for their requests to be answered. The trials and obstacles the people fighting for labor unions faced were substantial. Furthermore, problems with labor unions branched into racism as well. The movement sought to not only take care of conditions and pay, but also the well being of others such as those of color. They fought to settle equality in the workplace so no ethnicity or race could have an advantage based on color. Labor unions did not only seek to improve the working lives of people, but to abolish child labor also. This suggests how these people weren’t selfish with their movement and were looking at the bigger picture for social change. Labor unions were greatly…

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