Krebs 's Post Traumatic Stress From The War Essay

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Krebs’s post traumatic stress from the war is not being dealt with properly as his loved ones and community are ignoring his calls for help, forcing him to grow up and move on with his life. Harold Krebs returns to his hometown in Oklahoma after fighting in World War I. Krebs returned later than most of the other soldiers therefore missing out on the warm welcome from the community. This made it difficult for Krebs to adjust because nobody wanted to listen to his war experiences. Krebs was ignored by his community and family making it harder for Krebs to move on with his life. Krebs wanted his hometown to be exactly the same as when he left and it was, except the only thing that changed was him. The traumatizing experiences Harold Krebs had to face in the first World War caused him to isolate himself from his family and community. His family and community were unaware of the consequences Krebs and other soldiers had to face in the war. Krebs had to fight for his country and see thousands of soldiers die in front of face. He then returns home with intentions to inform others about their heroism. Harold Krebs moves back into his parents ' house while he figures out what he wants to do with the rest of his life. Despite living with his parents in a middle-class lifestyle which used to feel like home to Krebs, no longer does. Harold has been traumatized by life-and-death situations which his parents could not seem to understand. Instead of his family helping Krebs…

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