Knowledge Management at Hsbc Essay

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Under The Guidance of : Team Members:
Mrs. Teena Bagga Aman Arora (B-25)
Information Technology Faculty Anuj Sood (B-32)
Amity Business School Mohit Gupta (B-34) Sumit Kumar (B-41)


Banking giant HSBC bills itself as ‘the world’s local bank’, a phrase no doubt intended to highlight the importance of local knowledge, combined with financial might that businesses need in their banking partners today. However, HSBC has had a chequered background with knowledge management (KM). For example, in 2002 it established a specialist unit to drive through a newly established
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The Knowledge management process normally face six challenges at each stage of the process flow and failing to complete all these tasks in HSBC ability to use its knowledge assets to its best advantage. The six challenges are as follows:
a) Knowledge Acquisition: HSBC has implemented and began KA as part of the drive to build knowledge-based systems, and was a line of research devoted to developing methods and software tools to provide knowledge content for such systems. The challenge here is to get hold of the information that is around, and turn it into knowledge by making it usable. This might involve, for instance, making tacit knowledge explicit, identifying gaps in the knowledge already held, acquiring and integrating knowledge from multiple sources (e.g. different experts, or distributed sources on the web), acquiring knowledge from unstructured media (e.g. natural language or diagrams). Knowledge acquisition (KA) is a field which has reached a certain level of maturity.
b) Knowledge Modelling: Modelling bridges the gap between the acquisition of knowledge and its use. Knowledge model structures must be able to represent knowledge so that it can be used for problem-solving. HSBC needs to acquire not only knowledge but also to model that knowledge into the industry required format.
c) Knowledge Retrieval: When a knowledge repository gets very large, finding a particular piece of knowledge can become very difficult. There are two related problems to do with

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