Knollenberg Origin Of The American Revolution Analysis

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The American Revolution. It 's what finally seperated America and defined us as own country. Now what caused this movement that finally made the colonies snap and take control of their own lives and destiny. That is what the book “Origin of the American Revolution:1759-1766” by Bernhard Knollenberg discusses. How it came to the American revolution. WIth major influences such as the tea act and some not so influential parts, but enough to move us towards the actions that got us here. In this book he doesn 't just focus on the main points like other books such as the Boston massacre, the Quartering act, he doesn 't even make a reference to the Declaration of Independence. Knollenberg goes into great detail and depth in the writing to make sure …show more content…
He goes through in very thorough information to retell the events that made history. Not just the major events that hear in every history class, but the little actions that caused a big chain reaction, big enough to create a new nation. The author, Bernhard Knollenberg, refers to the actions that the americans revolted against as provocative British measures that occurred between the dates of 1759 and 1766, hence the name of the book. He uses these dates as guidelines because before this time, Britain and the colonies and a relatively stable relationship. Knollenberg even gave the implication that if the mothership had not tried push so much onto the colonies, that they may have lasted for many generations. For a majority of the book, Knollenberg focuses the writing to the actions committed that were making americans uneasy and to the brink of the revolution. He makes sure to point out all the outrageous policies and acts that were put into reaction and forced the colonists to participate in those acts. For the remainder of the book, it details the protests the colonists had in protest to the acts that were put into play by Great Britain. Knollenberg harbored a bitter attitude toward Britain and its role during the period of the American revolution. He was very critical on the British side for all of their actions while bringing

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