Kitty ( Catherine Genovese ) Essay

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Kitty (Catherine Genovese)
We all know New York for being a beautiful city full of attractions, but from all the beauty and exciting things going on terrible things also happen. A women named Catherine Genovese alias Kitty, was brutally murdered with no pity or help from anyone. When this horrible situation happened psychologist were very intrigued to learn why didn’t anyone help or call the police, many People witnessed the crime being committed but did nothing to help. Darley and Lantane two psychologist who were astonished by the situation wanted to discover why the murder ended how it did and why witnesses would speak to police.
Kitty screamed away for her life trying to get some help but out of the thirty eight men and women who "heard her scream her last half hour away and did nothing, nothing at all to give her succor or even a cry alarm"(Slater 97). Being in a situation like this can only be imagined as horrifying, on top of that making matters worse is nobody stepped up, if some one would have stepped up Genovese could have been alive. Although one person contacted the police it was way to late she was already dead. If I would have been one out of the thirty eight witnesses there was I would have been the one to step up and try to help. The least anyone could have done was notify the police right away without hesitation, the police could have saved her life from this tragic murder. Many people were probably scared of the crime being committed or they…

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