Baba And Amir Relationship Essay

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Baba does not have a strong bond with Amir because he does not feel the need to develop a connection with Amir since he is not a reflection of him. This leads Amir to pursue a series of events to win Baba’s love, whether or not his decisions might put someone’s life in danger. Even though Baba is the biological father of Amir, he does not possess some of the qualities that a real father has such as caring for the emotions of his son. Amir is interested in literature such as poetry, reading and writing. However, these are interests that Baba does not approve. Baba believes that, “real men didn’t read poetry-and God forbid they should ever write it! Real men-real boys-played soccer just [like] Baba had when he [was young]” (21). But, when Baba …show more content…
However, his mission is not finished. He still needs to bring the fallen blue kite to Baba in order to win his love. The blue kite is so important to Amir because the last fallen kite at a winter tournament is the most coveted prize there is. It is a trophy of honor, something to be displayed on a mantle for anyone to admire. Amir sends Hassan, the greatest kite runner, he has ever seen, to catch the fallen blue kite. After accepting congratulations from everyone in the crowd for the win, Amir goes off to find Hassan where he finds him in the corner of an alley surrounded by Assef, Kamal and Wali. In Hassan’s hand is the key to Baba’s heart for Amir, the blue kite. Assef is willing to let go of Hassan as long as he hands over the kite. Hassan refuses to hand it over because the kite is for Amir. Assef decides to tell Wali and Kamal to pin Hassan down while Assef rapes him. Amir is watching the situation unfold behind a wall and decides to run away instead of stepping in to help his best friend Hassan. During his run, Amir begins to think that, “maybe Hassan was the price I had to pay, the lamb I had to slay to win Baba”

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