Kitchen Design: The Evolution Of The Kitchen Island Ideas

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Ideas and inspirations for kitchens

Can you afford to design a stylish home without taking due care to design an equally sumptuous kitchen? Certainly not! Every home needs to have a comfortably designed kitchen which may also double up as a social hub in case you are following an open floor plan.
Designing a functional yet chic space may turn out to be slightly trickier than you would like to think. But our ideas and inspirations about modern kitchens, shared regularly through the magazine section, would greatly help you to tactfully organise this space.
Evolution of the kitchen designs
The kitchen design that you get to see nowadays were nonexistent even in the early part of last century. The birth of modern architecture and technological
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Kitchen island ideas in homify will easily help you to choose the perfect one for your home. It is true that delicately designed islands can increase the beauty of the space, but do not opt for one that will make your kitchen feel all the more cramped for space.
Before going out shopping for an island, measure the exact amount of the available space. While planning for small kitchen designs, discard the option of having an island altogether if you do not have sufficient space to accommodate one.
You may order built in islands custom made according to your preferences. Like any other feature of your house, there is a variety of styles available for you to choose from. This includes elegant wooden islands, stone islands and sleek metallic islands just appropriate for small spaces. It would be better to opt for a design that has built in storage units. This will help you to maximise the storage potential of this
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Close observations will help you to find out the exact design from an array of kitchen pictures which would be particularly suitable for your home. You may consult experienced kitchen planners or friends who have considerable knowhow regarding this.
Common mistakes to avoid
It would better for you to be on guard against some of these commonest design flaws. It is a mistake not to plan for sufficient storage well ahead in time. Lack of storage can have disastrous effects on this space. Ignoring the famed triangle between the sink, oven and refrigerator is another big mistake. This may make working in this area a complete nightmare for you.
Focussing on the embellishments at the cost of the functional aspects is a strict no no. Technological advancements have also provided with a number of temptations. Avoiding these would be a wise decision for you. Try not to invest in gadgets you have no plans to use now or in future. Seek kitchen inspiration from various sources, but never copy any of the designs. In all probability, it would not suit the space you are decorating or your personal sense of style. With these pointers in mind, have fun designing or redecorating a delicious cuisine for your

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