Kingdom Of God Analysis

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Jesus used parables to reveal the secrets of the Kingdom of God to those who 'have ears to hear. ' This is understood as a method to separate those that only hear the word of God, from those that are willing to hear and accept it as well. The Kingdom of God, which is also referred to as The Kingdom of Heaven, is believed in Christianity to be the spiritual realm over which God reigns, though another interpretation is that it is the fulfillment on earth of God’s will. Additionally, in Christianity it is believed that God’s Kingdom was established at creation; yet, it was infected and distorted by sin, which can explain the Kingdom of God as the rule of God manifested in Jesus, who was sent to usher in redemption to the people of earth. When Christians pray, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10 NIV),” it is understood that the believers are asking God to apply His authority in the world so that His purposes are achieved. Therefore, the Kingdom of God is established here on earth through the life and ministry of Jesus, which is revealed through His use of parables. The messages of the Kingdom of Heaven in the form of parables in Jesus’s ministry contain within them truths about the Kingdom of God, however, these truths tend to be cloaked or hidden upon an initial analysis. The …show more content…
Additionally, after reading the parable followed by thoughtful consideration of the greater meaning of its message, I can honestly report that there are interesting truths contained within that may apply to elements of my life. Consequently, I have determined that if people are closed-minded, a parable can often influence them to think about the message from a more objective viewpoint, thus offering a path to the Kingdom of

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