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Nowadays, most Japanese wear normal and regular Western clothing, but they still wear kimonos at events such as weddings, ceremonies or traditional festivals. The kimono is the traditional Japanese dress worn for common use until the early postwar years. The kimono differs from other clothes as it is a striking long garment worn by women, men, and children on special occasions. The kimono is used by covering the body in a wraparound form and fastened with a wide band called an obi. There are several types of kimonos. The cut, color and fabric vary according to sex, age, whether the person is single or married, the time of the year, and the occasion.
The accessories to accompany the kimono are: the geta, which are wooden sandals, the zori, also
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It has long sleeves and is quite ornamented with very bright colors and with motifs usually of pines, flowing water and flowers. It is made with very good silk. It is worn on top of the shiromuku (which it is a totally white outfit and is basic in the Japanese bridal dress) as a cape and without an obi. Furisode: It is the formal kimono worn by single young women. It is quite colorful, lush and with long sleeves, which reach the ankles. It is used for wedding ceremonies and for the first tea ceremony of the year. The Mofuku, is the traditional Japanese kimono used when expressing sadness and the one used in burials; they are used by women of any marital status. It is totally black without any ornamentation. The kurotomesode, is the most formal kimono for married women. The colors are more serious and the sleeves are shorter. The background is black and embellished. The older the woman is, the smaller the ornament is and it is located more towards the bottom. It is used by relatives closest to the bride and groom at weddings. (Married mothers and sisters). The Irotomesode, is used by married couples who are not part of the direct family of the bride and groom. It can be of various colors and like the kurotomesode, the ornaments are at the bottom. Finally, the Homongi, is used in semi-formal occasions as visits or parties. It can be of any color and the length of the sleeves varies according to the marital

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