Essay on Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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To Kill a Mockingbird, composed by Harper lee, set in the midst of the 1930’s amid the time of the American Depression, utilises sundry techniques to enlighten the array of themes that are portrayed. Some of the major themes include courage, growing up and injustice. Which are bolstered by techniques such as character dialogue, characterisation, narrative technique, motif-blind spot, allusion and repetition. All of these techniques and themes are amalgamated to make To Kill a Mockingbird a great classic.
Injustice is like a sword that has the ability to perforate through a person’s heart especially when it is done by the person you adore the most. In To kill a mockingbird harper lee uses an array of techniques such as allusion and repetition to emphasise the theme injustice. Allusion can be seen when uncle Jack belts Scout without seeing the whole picture. ‘Her uncle spanked her, leaving seven or eight red marks.’ This alludes to Jesus Christ when he was battered by the soldiers for essentially saying ‘I am God’. This shows injustice and shows that Uncle Jack is a character that can sometimes be too quick to judge. Allusion is also portrayed when Tom Robinson is shot numerous times for attempting to go home. ‘The guards shot Tom 17 times in the back as he tried to climb over the fence’. This alludes to Julius Ceaser where he was stabbed numerous times as the senate thought him as a threat. This shows how much prejudice the officers had towards Tom and how much of a threat…

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