Khilafat Movement Case Study

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KHILAFAT MOVEMENT: This is also one of the period of Hindu and Muslims unity as they both fight against the British. Gandhi started Non cooperative Movement against British Black laws and Muslims started their Khilafat movement because of their sentiments towards Turkish Muslims. They Both put their movement by their own way against british.
Reasons Of Khilafat Movement: Khilafat Movement was a religio-political Movement launched by the Muslims from the British India to the retention from the Ottoman Caliphate or even khilafat-e-Usmania and for not letting to the Muslim holy locations go beneath control from the Non-Muslims. During the 1st World War Turkey sided against Germany and since Germany began
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From 1919 to 1922, British government applied some brutal laws for the people of British India like Rowlett act and incident of Jallianwala Bagh had leaved so many pains. Therefore these incidents lead to the protest of two separate issues and emerged them into a one platform. These two movements were Khilafat movement from Muslims and Non-Cooperative movement from Hindus. Although Khilafat movement is a sentimental issue towards the Muslims and Not connected directly to the politics of India but these two movements lead two the biggest protest In the history of British India and showed the Hindu Muslim Unity yet Again.
CONGRESS ON KHILAFAT MOVEMENT AND NON-COOPEARTION MOVEMENT: Support of Congress was very important for the Khilafat movement. So Gandhi in support of this started to think to lauch a movement called Non cooperative movement in support of Muslims which will definitely help Hindus as well to destroy the British Ruling. Many Congress leaders were opposed of this idea because they don’t want to alliance with Muslims in their Religious Matter but Gandhi made them realize that this is also important for Hindus for many reasons such
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This movement is the extended version of the Khilafat Movement .

This kind of episode took place in 1921. Moplah’s had been the descendents of the Arab-speaking Muslims and were living there even before the arrival of Muhammad Bin Qasim in Asia. Within May 1921, they revolted towards Hindu landlords as their remedy has been very crazy together. The matter was not the non secular. The uprising has been against the injustice, against the suffering which the Moplah’s had been facing from Hindu Landlords. The Hindu landlords played brutally with them therefore they revolted law enforcement needed along side it on the landlords. The Best Part of this movement is that the local Hindu unions began to project to the seeing that the type of Hindu Muslim matter as this is not the only Moplah’s matter but the hindus of kerela also suffering with this landlords. So There seemed to be plenty of propaganda against the Muslims with regards to this particular uprising and also there have been phone calls via some of the Hindu businesses for you to wake up towards to take care of the process that was promising Later on this particular conflict modified seeing that Moplahs versus law enforcement and also Hindu. This kind of embittered the Hindu-Muslim relations. This kind of uprising experienced

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