The Colonization Of North America

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Part A: Many countries colonization in new world, colonization is when a huge group of people move into a new land. For example, many Britain colonized North America in 1607. Along the North Carolina, the British first settlement was Jamestown (Digital History, 2014). England believed that North America would be a great place to expand. One of the reasons England wanted to colonize North America was because it would serve as a safeguard against Spain’s Catholic Church. Another reason was for the poor can do their part to contribute to the England’s economy (Digital History, 2014).
The settlers in Jamestown were under the leadership of the Captain John Smith. One of the laws that Captain Smith set was “no work, no food”. Another thing Captain
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The Americans had many disagreements with the way Great Britain was treating Americans. Great Britain believed the Americans sent to the new land to be used to help the economy and the King. The American believe they had the same rights as the Britain from the motherland (“What Caused “, 2015). Another many cause of the American Revolution was the taxes that were imposed on the colonist by Britain. These taxes were for the benefit for King George III, in order to pay off his det. The colonists saw that the taxes were not to their benefit and fought back. The goal of the American Revolution was the have the independence from Britain (Pavao, 2014). The goal of the American Revolution was for the colonists to have the same rights as the Great Britain. The goal of the American Revolution was reached in a different way from the original goal. This goal was met with the war ended by signing the Treaty of Pairs in 1783 that granted American’s independence and made it a new nation (“What Caused “, 2015).
The nonviolent Indian Independence Movement was caused by the British had colonized India and were ruling it to their benefit and not to benefit the Indians. The British were also not allowing Indians have government jobs, even if they had the qualifications to do the job. As the Indians got educated over time they realized that the British ruling was not to Indians’ benefit (India - Defying the Crown, n.d.). The goal of the Indian

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