Essay about Key Factors That Make The Justice System A Failure

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Six Key Factors That make the Justice System a failure.
The Supreme Court ruled that in a number of cases where direct evidence is not available that circumstantial evidence plays the role in the DA favor and can be used to prosecution of a party to prove guilty and can be used. “ Justices K.T. Thomas and R.P Sethi ruled during a criminal murder case appeal that circumstantial evidence, furnished by the prosecution, can be used to convict, provided that the evidence is so complete that it leaves no doubt about the guilt of the accused”( South Carolina Supreme court 1997). The justices ruled that the circumstances relied upon by the prosecution must be clearly established to find a person guilty of murder. Allegations use against a person in a circumstantial evidence case is never clearly established and was never explain to the jury instead jury was ordered to take in circumstantial evidence as if it whereas DNA or physical evidence. The justices seem to be in favor of the prosecution. This makes the justice system unfair in proving innocents and opens the door for a wrongful conviction based on cleverly place or use circumstantial evidence. Therefore, making false allegations from the Prosecutor to be truth and prosecutor can make personal gain for conviction. Furthermore, the laws are written in such a way to keep anyone convicted on circumstantial evidence from actually receiving an appeal. Most appeals that are filed by an innocent person are futile because the Supreme…

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