Key Elements Impacting Youth 's Growth Essay

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Key Elements Impacting Youth’s Growth in Bamyan
1. Low family income and a dependent economy on foreign aids with less than 4% work opportunity blocks the path for the youth, specifically for the girls to have an education and go to school.
2. Inadequate educational institutions and poor educational system as well as lack of educational materials and facilities keep youth in the darkness, and worsens the situation for the youth in Bamyan.
3. Culturally unfriendly environments particularly for young girls negatively impacting their lives.
4. Low or no access to health and social services for the youth in Bamyan.
5. High unemployment rate among the youth is a major issue concerning the future development of Bamyan.
These factors have significantly contributed to the youth’s achievement gaps within society, and leave the youth in Bamyan uncertain about dealing with broad challenges in development. Also, the identified factors exist between groups of youth of different backgrounds such as ethnic, racial, gender, disability, and income.
I. Low family income and an economy dependent on foreign aids
Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world and Bamyan is one of the least developed provinces in Afghanistan. Despite economic growth in some provinces, much of Afghanistan relies on foreign aid. Many parts of the country like Bamyan, the people are dealing with so many hardships in their life, especially youth. According to statistics the “youth form a…

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