Key Concepts Of A Telecommunications Essay

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Key Concepts of a Telecommunications Primer for Managers
The three most important information systems (IS) concepts introduced in Chapter 7 of Laudon and Laudon (2014) were (a) the principal components of telecommunications networks and network technologies, (b) types of communication networks and (c) the internet technologies and the wireless revolution. Anytime, anywhere, anyway, is the mantra of many computer users. With the increasing number of computer users, today 's improved use of telecommunications technologies and the practice of electronically communicating information, are making it possible.
Three Most Important IS Concepts
Components of Telecommunications Networks and Network Technologies Summary. This section shows you how networks and the Internet are nearly one and the same with doing business. In today’s world, there isn’t a business that can be done without networks. Networks help the rapidly communicate with customers, suppliers, and employees. This is done through computers use, emails, messaging, the internet, mobile phones, and wireless computers. A small business may us simple computer network. This consists of two or more connected computers within the business. Basic network components include computers, network interfaces, a connection medium, network operating systems (NOS) software and either a hub or a switch. As these smaller companies grow into large company, the networks can be tied together into a corporate-wide networking…

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