Why Is John F Kennedy's Inaugural Address Still Relevant Today

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A great deal changes in merely one year; values, trends, and traditions all vary as years progress. Hence, how does a speech from 56 years ago remain relevant in the present day? Many factors influence the ability for different moments to retain its importance. John F. Kennedy was elected as the United States’ 35th president in the 1960’s. Following tradition, he delivered his inaugural address, the first speech delivered by the elected president relaying his intentions, on the 20th of January in 1961. Since this speech continues to have an impact on the world, it is labeled as eternal. Because his term occurred during the Cold War, Kennedy sought to express the challenges of the war and his hope for the future. Unlike prior presidents, Kennedy chose to …show more content…
He urged Americans to participate in public service and challenged them to recognize how their country could be served. The famous line, “…my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” in the inaugural address serves as a call to action for the citizens. Based on the case study of Ronald Reagan’s speech, David Zarefsky concluded that “’even able communicators like Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton could not move the public much on their own’” (694). However, Kennedy effectively communicated to the audience, which move the public and cause a change. During his first year as president, he established the Peace Corps—a program that gave American citizens the opportunity to volunteer in developing countries, fulfilling the promises Kennedy made and attempting to develop peace. Statistics have shown “…more than 187,000 Peace Corps Volunteers (PCV) have served in 139 host countries,” proving that Kennedy was able to impact the audience and create change (Jung 1). The request Kennedy presented to the listeners years ago is still communicated

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