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Ken: For the background, it might be helpful if I restate this for the record.

Steve: Yes, please.

Ken: Um, is, and this is somewhat related to the redo of our marketing materials, but not completely, necessarily. But, I do think that there is going to be a lot of overlap. Um, the idea that I have had for a long time is, um, as I’ve, um, kind of collected thoughts and brainstormed and documented, more basically in a journaling format, you know, open questions that I have about what we do and why we do it, and how we do it.

Um, but then also, my own brainstorming about ideas for things that we do do, and maybe even reframing things in a way that puts a different perspective on things. Because, for us, and maybe for any investment uh team, but I think certainly for us, um, processes is incredibly important and we would use it as a selling point or a differentiate point, even in the marketplace, but more importantly, frankly, is internally, is how you do it, rather than the story you tell about how you do it.

But, if you, if you do it well, then the story you tell about it actually, if you do it well, in a well purposefully, thoughtful way, then the way you describe it actually, probably is a lot easier, because it’s done well and things that are done well are usually easy to explain. So, what I’ve been, so, that is kind of the background on, on, what I am using as a starting point for this. The problem, if you will, or the need that we’re trying to address, or maybe…

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