Ken Follett 's On Wings And Eagles Essay

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Ken Follett: Introduction

Ken Follett is one of the top thriller writers of the present generation. Over a career spanning 3 decades Ken Follett has written some of the best books in the genre of historical fiction. Born in 1949, Ken Follett has sold over 100 million books worldwide. He is a writer with a worldwide following from the UK to India and USA to Australia.

Follett’s “On Wings and Eagles”

Ken Follett wrote ‘On Wings of Eagles’ a novel which has the background of the Iranian revolution that toppled the Shah of Iran. The Iranian revolution remains an enigma even now and does not fail to arouse the curiosity of most people even though 3 decades have elapsed. The revolution against the Shah of Iran was channeled by the religious leadership led by Ayatollah Khomeini into a hate campaign against the United States. Those were tumultuous days and mobs of Iranians led by religious fanatics roamed the streets of Tehran eventually taking the US embassy as hostage.

Contents of the Novel

Ken Follett has written a non-fiction novel. He wrote the novel in 1983 and based it on a true incident. Ken has used the license of the fiction writer to give a color to his tale, but that is part of the pitfalls of an historical novel.

The novel relates the story of the rescue of two American Electronic Data Systems executives named Paul Chaperone and Bill Gaylord from the prison in Tehran in 1978. Both men had been arrested on a charge of bribery and their bail was set at 12.75 million…

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