Summary Of Kelley's Cognitive Theory

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The purpose of this assignment is to discuss Kelley’s cognitive theory as it relates to personality and the role of thought. George Kelley was the first philosopher to develop the cognitive theory. His main focus and contribution to psychology was to examine a combination of personality traits. This influenced his idea of the term “personality construct”.
Based on the core concepts of Kelly’s (1955) cognitive theory of personality, it is phenomenological and it focuses on the internal model of an individual’s reality. It also emphasizes the processes of mental events, and the future rights of a person’s ability to choose, make decisions and solve problems. Kelly’s cognitive theory was developed to help one gain a better understanding of various
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Kelly’s construct theories on human behavior suggest that it is a combination of unending experiments that is carried out by each individual to develop his or her own personal limitations. Based on the text, construct represent a person views or opinion on what he or she believes about the world and its existence. Personal construct theory can be explained by the way an individual understand his or her past experiences. This is an example of the cognitive processes which includes; an individual way of thinking, remembering, and problem solving as it relates to personal experiences.
Kelly (1955) is known as one of the most influential personality theorists to present the personal construct theory as a way of understanding and describing the human personality. Again, his fundamental views on human personality are based on personal experiences such as, thinking, remembering and problem solving. Kelly’s approach to describing the human personality and his constructs theory was extremely
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He believed that the development of human personality is guided by one’s present awareness and expectation of detailed events. He also believes that the human personality is a reflection of their cultural background and upbringing.
Kelly was an originator of the personal construct theory. His personal construct theory allowed him to construe various methods and ideas as a way to understand and explain the concept of human personality. Based on the text, Kelly’s personal construct theory is a unique and hypothetical contribution to psychology. As previously stated in this paper, Kelly’s influences on today’s theorists have changed the way individual’s view human personality.
Kelly main focus was to examine human personality and explain the concept of one’s behavior and personal experiences. Again, human personality is based on personal experiences such as, thinking, remembering and problem solving. Kelly (1955) believes that every individual personality is made up of various mental constructs for which they view the world. Kelly’s cognitive theory was put in place to explain the concept of the human personality for which he believed that every individual choose behavior from various alternative within a personally construct

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