Essay about Katherine Mansfield 's Miss Brill

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The story Miss Brill by Katherine Mansfield is about an old aged woman who lives all by herself. She has a usual routine that she follows by going to the park every Sunday. One Sunday afternoon she decides to puts on her fur and takes her usual seat and she finds more number of people than the last time she visited. It was because of the season that changed where the band at the Jardine’s Publiques also sounded much louder and different than the usual days. She doesn’t bother anyone around her and only admires the surrounding people by eavesdropping on their conversation. There were only two of them who sat next to her but didn’t get along with her in conversation. In spite of her loneliness she kept watching and considering herself in the scenes taking place in the park. She was all alone surrounded by isolation which she was unaware of. The very next moment a young romantic couple walks in where, the girl leaves a comment on Miss Brill regarding the fur she’s worn. She is hurt but also helpless of herself and therefore walks back home without picking up her pastry which she always did every Sunday.
The author reflects the feelings about an individual, especially the old aged people who are hurt, sad and isolated when there is a negative comment heard about them from the people. Every individual faces this stage in life where they feel the same as Miss Brill. When they are hurt they themselves are helpless due to their old age which keeps them isolated with all the…

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