Kashmir Valley Earthquake

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Dante Arguello
HOUGH 2009: Kashmir Valley Megaearthquakes
The Himalayan mountain range, home to Mount Everest, is one of the most well-known mountain ranges in the world. This natural occurring structure has been a very popular destination for many tourists who visit to admire the gorgeous landform from a safe distance, as well as for those who attempt to achieve their life long goal of climbing the tallest mountain on the face of the Earth. Despite the extremely beautiful views that this mountain range provides, it poses a tremendous threat to those who live near this convergent plate boundary. In Susan Hough’s article titled Kashmir Valley Megaearthquakes, she discusses previous earthquakes that have occurred in the Kashmir Valley, and predicts an upcoming mega quake that will someday occur in this region. By using past records of an earthquake in this area dating back to circa 1555, seismologists and historians have worked together and determined that a major earthquake occurred during this time. Based on their current knowledge of geological processes and descriptions of past events, geologists and historians alike believe that an earthquake within the range of magnitude 8.5 is
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To their knowledge they believe that this may be the most recent earthquake of this size that has occurred in the valley. Geologists and historians discovered that prior to the main shock, multiple aftershocks occurred. From this they concluded that this was a foreshock-mainshock-aftershock sequence that often occurs with very large earthquakes. Since this apparently occurred over a period of years, they determined that the earthquake was very shallow and of high magnitude. They also went as far to infer that the 1555 quake occurred somewhere at the base of the westernmost part of the Himalayan

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