Karl Marx 's Theory On Social Change Essay

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Karl Marx is generally known as one of the greatest German sociology, economist, and philosopher of 19th century. His theories towards communism and social changes later on, is recognized as Marxism.

Karl Marx’s theories on social change are basically established around class-consciousness and revolution. He believes that social class-consciousness is the foundation of social change. Every mode of society begins with revolution, and each time that the revolution happens, the core cause must be involved with people’s changes toward class-consciousness and self-identification.

Karl Marx published the book German Ideology in 1930s, to criticize the idealistic Germany philosophers and young Hegelians that represented by Feuerbach. He declared in the book that the division of labor must be one of the basis concepts in order to achieve the ultimate communist society, and to lead the social change in modern western countries.

Economic matters a lot to Karl Marx’s theory. Marx studies more political economy than philosophical theories. The division of labor is an example. Class struggles in western countries were not new subject when Marx wrote the German Ideology. Yet, it is one of the first publications that focus on the economic side of the social change and social revolution. Economic system contributes to build a border and an essence to the social structure. It divided people into different social classes with different social responsibilities. This idea sounds pretty…

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