Karl Marx 's Communist Manifesto Essay

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Karl Marx is well known around the political world as the creator of the philosophy of Communist government party. Marx was a scholarly man who was denied a university position, so he resided to a journalism career until his conflict with Prussian authorities because of his radical political views. Due to this, Marx resided to London and it was in this location that Karl released his work, Communist Manifesto. The text Communist Manifesto introduced all what was wrong with the working class and social classes of the world. Marx names several suggestions in the three parts of the book to help better the government of the world. In Current Events Marx’s ideas were remarked as a “Revolutionary Idea”, “Is a factory worker as important to society as the factory owner? Karl Marx (1818-1883) thought so. As one of the founders of socialism, Marx envisioned a society where people worked as equals.” (Current Events) His idea for communism was not of dictatorship like what communist is believed as in modern times, he meant for it to be the complete opposite. On paper the idea of the communism party was deemed as brilliant, but only few countries actually dared to put the new form of government in place. Karl Marx has been criticized about his work for centuries. Marx’s efforts of an equal government are desirable, but are not able to reach the effect that Marx intended them for; Marx definitely understood how human nature should be taken. The communist philosophy has an advantage…

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