Karl Marx, Max Weber And Durkheim Essay

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Karl Marx, Max Weber, and Emile Durkheim all contributed tremendously to the understanding of modern capitalism. All three sociologist theorists were born in the 19th century, but accomplished their research and writings in different fields. Marx took a more political theory strategy while Weber and Durkheim both focused on the teachings of sociology to pave their way. Though they had many differences in their thought processes, the similarities at times were stark. Even in today’s society, their theories and ideologies can still be used to analyze several conditions in the world, especially concerning economic situations. Karl Marx was born in 1818 in Germany and became involved with the communist party early on in his life. He was a huge critic of capitalism and was one of the first to develop the problems within it. Marx worked ceaselessly to make it clear to the masses that modern work is alienated, meaning that if we as people cannot feel a sense of self through our work through specialized jobs, we begin to feel less like ourselves and more like a machine. Labour offers to externalize what’s inside of us but this is difficult considering the modern world centers its economy around specialized work. If we feel that we cannot make a contribution to society, we disconnect and feel what Marx describes as entfremfung or the feeling of disconnection between what you do all day and who you feel you really are and what you believe you would be able to contribute to the world.…

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