Karl Heinrich Marx: A Brief Biography

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Karl Heinrich Marx was born in Trier, Prussia, on May 5, 1818. His father, Heinrich Marx, was a very successful lawyer and an advocate of reformation in Prussia. Karl 's mother, Henrietta Marx, dedicated herself to taking care of the nine children which they had. Although both parents came from a Jewish lineage, Heinrich would be the first to convert to Christianity and get baptized in a Lutheran Church. Following his baptism came the baptism of all the children when Karl was about six years old. Lastly, came Henrietta, on 1825, following the death of her father. One of the probabilities for an adjustment in terms of faith was because of a new regulation passed in 1815, which restricted Jews from a high society. In terms of education, Marx was homeschooled …show more content…
His father took notice and advised him to take a more serious route which led to Karl 's transfer to the University of Berlin. There, he initiated his studies in law and Philosophy. At first he didn 't seem very focused, but later on Karl Marx generated a strong attachment to the philosophical views of G.W.F. Hegel. In 1836, he was engaged to Jenny von Westphalen, a woman who came from a wealthy and highly respected family, in secret. In 1841, Karl was able to finalize his years of education after receiving a doctorate degree from the University of Jena. Sadly, he was not able to attain a teaching position because of his absurd views. In June of the year 1843, Marx finally married Jenny and just about four months later, they moved to Paris. There, a man named Arnold Ruge and Karl would launch a magazine called Deutsch-Französische Jahrbücherdealing, which dealt with politics and rapidly led to a feud between the two founders. Good things always come out of the bad and because of this unfortunate situation, Karl would later on meet Friedrich Engels, who in fact becomes one of his lifelong

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