Kant 's Theory Of Philosophy Essay

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Kant’s **metaphysics** and Mill’s **utilitarianism**, two landmark works of philosophy, are frequently compared and contrasted in the scholarly world, suggesting that the ideas put forth in the works have a place in the modern world. When these works are compared against each other through the scope of today 's (societal) context, one line of thinking tends to be the basis for our modern thought process. Through Kant 's reasoning, one should base their decisions on pure logic and reason, while Mill theorized that decisions should be made based on what makes one happy and thus what feels right. As humans are more sympathetic and emotional creatures than they are based on reason, Mill 's philosophy should be the philosophy that has the greatest impact in our modern era because what we feel is right is more important than what logic and reason says is the right thing to do.
We encounter one such dilemma where modern times may not agree with ideas put forth in Kant 's philosophies when considering an ethical scenario set during World War Two. Suppose there was a situation in which you were living in Nazi Germany and happened to be sheltering Jewish people inside your home. One day, a group of Nazi soldiers come to your house and Most likely, you would be doing this because you feel that it is the right thing to do, as otherwise you know that these people will be taken by the Germans and be killed. However, Mill puts forth a principle that conflicts with our idea to help…

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