Essay on Kant 's Moral Theory And Use

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For this assignment I must take Kant’s Moral Theory and use it to view a proposed response to the scenario. In the given situation, I am living in a house with 8 others. We discover that because of our slim budgets, we aren’t able afford the continual rate of water usage. If we fail to pay the bill we will get evicted; in order to solve our predicament we have banded together to decrease our water consumption. The problem is: I enjoy taking long showers and watering my shrubbery. I reason that if I take them strategically I can do it without being noticed and the water level won’t go over if I’m the only one doing it. It’s also extremely unlikely that my continued water use would compromise the ability of our group to pay the bill. If, by chance, the water level ended up being to high for us to afford, Pat is notorious for his excessive water usage and would undoubtedly get blamed for the failure. With that all being said, I have decided that no matter what the others do, I will not change my water consumption habits.
After using Kant’s Moral Theory to assess the situation, I would be required to give up the long showers and plant watering to participate in the water conservation efforts.
The following paragraph will explain Kant’s Moral Theory: evaluating decisions, maxims, and the formulas of universal law and humanity. In the next paragraph I present my subsequent selection and illustrate the process by which I came to it. Once I have shared my opinion, I will provide a…

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